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Dynam Primo 1450mm EPO Trainer RC Airplane DY8971 With Detrum GAVIN-6A RTF

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Dynam Primo 1450mm EPO Trainer RC Airplane DY8971 With Detrum GAVIN-6A RTF



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Dynam Primo 1450mm EPO Trainer RC Airplane DY8971 With Detrum GAVIN-6A Transmitter RTF

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Customer Review:

      Brand Name: Dynam 
      Item Name: DY8971 Primo Trainner
      Material: EPO


Dimension and Weight

      Wingspan: 1450mm   
      Overall Length: 1014mm
      Wing Load:  51.08g/d? 
      Flying Weight: 1660g

Electronic Devices      
      Servo: 9g*6pcs 
      Flap: 9g*2pcs
      Motor: BM3720A-KV650
      ESC: 40A
      Battery: 14.8V 2200mAh 25C Lipo
      Propeller: 13*6
 TransmitterDetrum GAVIN-6A
        Receiver: Detrum RXC7
      Elevator: Yes
      Rudder: Yes
      Flaps: Yes
      Retracts: No
      Minimum Age Recommendation: 14+
      Recommended Environment: Outdoor
      Is Assembly Required: Yes


Specification of Receiver:
Brand Name: Detrum
Item Name: RXC7 
Band: 2.4G
Channel: 7
Dimension: 27.5*42*16mm
Weight: 11g
Frequency: 2.4GHz
Communication Distance: >1.6Km
Power Supply: 3.6V~16V
Output Signal: PWM

Dynam Promo Features:
Ready to fly version trainer with flap
With 2.4G 6CH 
Detrum GAVIN-6A transmitter
Constructed of durable EPO foam, only a small amount of assembly is required.
Beautiful appearance,reasonable architectural design.
Attractive white paint scheme and decal trim sheet.
Powerful BM3720A-KV650 brushless outrunner motor.
Easy assembly,easy maintenance.

Detrum GAVIN-6A Transmitter Features:
Wireless IC
Adopting powerful wireless chips, with extended power amplifier (PA) and low noise amplifier (LNA), can maximize the system output power and receiving sensitivity, thereby improving the signal coverage.

All-angle Antenna

By using all-band gain antenna for the transmitter, the transmitting efficiency is greatly improved. By using diversity antenna for the receiver, combined with the signal detection and switching algorithm, the receiving signal is stable and reliable.

Long Distance Remote Control
Adopting 2.4GHz direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) and multiple frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) , the R/C system has high receiving sensitivity and strong anti-interference capability, can support a stable remote control for more than 1,000 meters on the ground and more than 1,600 meters in the air.

Unique ID Code
Each transmitter has an individually assigned, unique ID code. Once the binding is made, the ID code is stored in the receiver and no further binding is necessary after restarting the receiver. When the receiver is working, it will verify whether the ID code of the transmitter is being paired, to enhance the stability of the R/C system.

Mixing Function
Support V-tail mixing and Elevon mixing function, one button toggle.

High-resolution Sticks
By using these high-resolution (4096-segment) sticks, you can experience a smooth and exquisite flight operation.

Low Power Consumption
By using low power devices and transmitting the signals at intervals, it will reduce the transmission power, also lead to low battery power consumption and longer battery life.

Low Voltage Alarm
Have battery level LED indicators and low battery alarm functions, the flight can be safer.

Double Bearing Structure
Double bearing assembly sticks provide precise control and excellent operating experience and won’t come loose even working for a long time.

One-click Rescue
Combined with SR86A gyro & receiver or 6GSA flight controller, you can use one-click rescue function, which is designed for new beginners.

Detrum RXC7 Receiver Features:
Using diversity antenna,can automatically switch the signal,to ensure the stability of receive signal.
Adopting 2.4GHz direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) and multiple frequency-hopping technology,the receiver has high sensitivity and strong anti-interference performance.
The CPU used in the receiver offers super resolving power.
Has memory function,can recognize the frequency and ID.
Has failsafe function.
Two way telemetry.

PNP version, Click Here
Spare Parts For Dynam Primo, Click Here 

Package Included:
1x Dynam Primo 1450mm EPO Trainer DY8971
Detrum GAVIN-6A Transmitter
1x Detrum RXC7 Receiver

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